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President & Co-Founder

Laura Hooker, a driving force behind J2E, leverages her dynamic twenty-five-year career in the Defense contracting industry to lead the charge. With an illustrious background in program and project management, as well as business and technical consulting, and credentials for the Institute of Configuration management, Laura's leadership resonates through every facet of our services.

Laura's journey commenced with a decade of service as a Radioman First Class in the United States Navy, instilling in her the essence of discipline and precision. Post-military, armed with a Bachelor's in business management, she cultivated and steered small businesses toward success. Laura's exceptional ability to synthesize technology and business objectives paves the way for innovative solutions that fuel our clients' progress.

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Duaine Hooker, Co-Founder of J2E, brings to the forefront twenty-four years of experience in the Defense contracting domain. His profound scientific engineering background dovetails seamlessly with his acumen in entrepreneurial leadership, charting a robust trajectory for J2E's success.


Having dedicated twelve years to national intelligence-gathering efforts as a Cryptologist in the United States Navy, Duaine's insights into signal intelligence are unparalleled. With another fifteen years devoted to refining small businesses, his focus on nurturing client relationships and strategic company development is a cornerstone of our approach.

VP of Data Intelligence

Lisa July, as J2E's VP of Data Intelligence, infuses over two decades of comprehensive experience across commercial and government sectors. Armed with a Bachelor's in Information Technology, Lisa's prowess encompasses data management, process implementation, curriculum development, and training delivery.


With credentials from the U.S. Navy and the Institute of Configuration Management, Lisa emerges as an unparalleled authority in data management. Her adeptness extends to providing implementation guidance, training, and unwavering support to our clients, catering to diverse skill levels with precision.

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